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June 19th, 2019

Zero to Landfill . Kingsley Carpets now recycle all their carpet and underlay


Kingsley Carpets are now having all their carpet and underlay recycled and none goes to landfill. 

Looking at the environment  we have now installed our own machinery to ensure all our carpet and underlay gets recycled.

We have been removing all our customers old carpets and underlays for many years and decided we had to make a change in our waste policy. No more going to Landfill instead our waste is going into many industries and will be reused in various other products.

The recycled products can be used as an energy source, recycled underlay, sound and insulation products, compost , plastic plant pots, buckets, fillings infact many industries too numerous to mention. Whilst recycling comes at an added cost we feel it necessary in today’s environment.



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