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March 15th, 2020

Caring for your carpets

Carpet Care & Maintenance

Good carpet care can extend the life of your carpet and and keep it looking its best. The secret of caring for your carpet is to avoid particles of loose dirt and dust from working their way into the carpet pile. Particles of dirt not only discolour the carpet but can act abrasively damaging and breaking the fibres thus accelerating the wear on your carpet.

Points to remember when caring for your carpet:

  • Vacuum your carpets frequently at least twice a week preventing the dirt from settling into the pile.
  • Use a doormat and other precautions to reduce dirt from outside being spread onto your carpets.
  • Use a rotary brush vacuum for all cut pile carpets and a suction type for loop pile and long pile carpets.
  • Periodically move the furniture around the room to prevent pile crush. Keep direct sunlight off the carpets to prevent discolouration.

Cleaning and Removing stains from your Carpet

Spills are most easily removed when they are fresh. 

  • Never clean with washing liquids, soaps or detergents.
  • Work from the outside of the stain inwards to minimise the stain spreading.
  • Act quickly to blot up the excess liquid before it soaks in and dries. Semi solid substances can be gently scraped up with a spatula.
  • Clean off any remaining stain use a clean damp cloth soaked in warm water. Use a dabbing action to blot the stain with the cloth and then soak up the remaining liquid with dry kitchen towel.
  • Do not rub the pile surface of your carpet or oversoak the stain.

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